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The Zoo Crew - A Broader View - Atlanta, GA

Animals found at the Zoo inspire kids' imaginative thoughts. The design team working on the Zoo Crew Sippy Cup evaluated numerous concept shapes to build the look and feel of the Zoo Crew product.

Children love toys that are personal and interactive. The feeling of creating an animal character sippy cup enlightened the team research for the user group. The goal was to build an attractive and innovative piece of drinkware that would stimulate children. A user can break it down for cleaning the chewable pacifier material.

With computers, parametric surface modeling of shapes of spheres, cones, and tubes, animal forms are composed of CAD software. Mark Feuring designed the animals over internet video using web broadcast to the Zoo Crew team in Atlanta. Mark set up dimensions, cup parts, animal characters, and computer concept sketches to define the product's look and feel.

The packaged product's intention was to merchandise at numerous retail outlets such as Barnes and Noble. A Broader View lists retail points on their website where their products merchandise in the marketplace. The Zoo Crew Sippy Cup was a manufactured directive in China as a total packaged product.

Zoo Crew comes in three animal forms: a Pig, Rhino, and Panda. Animal names are printed on packages and are different with each color scheme. In addition, an environmental message supporting the care and recognition of the animals is a scheme printed on the box.
The cups are ergonomic with a spill-proof flip-up silicone straw and a soft outer body. The containers are insulated, easy to hold, clean, safe to use, and fun to play with and show. A whole line of friendly animals will be invading dishwashers across America.

Please view my work for a list of clients and portfolio designs on this website.

Stock Clam- Clamshells - St. Louis, MO

Stock Clam was a division of National Plastics yet under other ownership, still headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Stock Clam manufactures clamshells of circles and square cavities. The clamshells have a place where graphic insert cards fit in to communicate product details.

Stock Clam hired Industrial Designer Mark Feuring to electronically draft over one-hundred templates of each SC clamshell using dimension charts and product samples. Mark Feuring also graphically composed the Stock Clam logo, a trademark.

Stock Clam advertises each dimension template with .jpg and .pdf downloadable files on the National Plastic website. In addition, a chart with downloadable links allows a client to see each Stock Clam dimension drawing and the size of how their product would fit in the clear plastic clamshell package.

The Stock Clam product can now associate with the drafting templates' outer dimension, card dimension, cavity depth, length, and width of the SC clam's square and circle shapes. In addition, they can download from the Stock Clam site a printable letter-sized image draft.

Stock Clam now has a database of their manufactured products, which interested clients can access. Precise measurements ease the manufacturing directives for both parties. The client now has a way to place sample orders with mathematic options. The communication process makes mailing product samples from Stock Clam to consumers a more relative option package.

Introducing: Porta-Fab Renderings - St. Louis, MO

The Porta Fab website communicates building materials and business processes. Most websites target information and compile ideas for potential user groups. Captiva Marketing built the site for Porta-Fab and called industrial designer Mark Feuring to render material samples sold.


Porta-Fab builds clean rooms, office spaces, and industrial and modular environments. The size and thickness of materials can be designated explicitly with an order. The renderings are a two-inch picture tab on the Porta-Fab website of the hundreds of sample material options they manufacture.


With a box of samples from Porta-Fab, designer Mark Feuring completed the renderings in a series of visual options for the client. The renderings are in 3D accuracy with CAD grid surface modeling.


Colorful imagery of construction samples allows a site viewer to see the many materials Porta-Fab creates. In addition, practical applications, attributes, and choices are communicated on website pages and linked within an order of recognition.


Illustrations of foam core, sandwich wood panels, and honeycomb-patterned metals are visible for a user looking at the Porta-Fab site. Buildings, retail stations, and airports use Porta-Fab materials for construction. The designation of an internet site organization using computer renderings communicates system priorities for the client as choices made in time and money.

 Fitted Pro - La Vida Inc. - Atlanta GA
"Fitted Pro – Turning Caps into Crowns"

New movement on product 2021...

Baseball Hats get soiled and stained in the environment. After a time, caps plain wear out if not kept fresh and clean. The Fitted Pro is a device that will enable a user to maintain the original shape and look of the hat by heat drying and shaping. Hip-hop artists and fans take great pride in the look of their caps. As a result, hip Hop enthusiasts collect hats for an appealing wardrobe.

The critical variable was creating a structured home appliance with an enthusiastic directive for the unit's function. For example, the Fitted Pro appeals to users that want a foundation to shape their ball cap. With a stretching device and drying unit, the Fitted Pro can restore a "new look for your hat."

La Vida Inc. from Atlanta, Georgia, called Industrial Designer Mark Feuring to associate the many sketches of the patent design. Building the Fitted Pro within computer software allowed aesthetic directives to show for La Vida Inc. Using Rhino 3d software, Mark made spheres, planes, ovals, cones, cylinders, and tubes for the shape of the marketed product. La Vida Inc.'s founder helped correlate the many aspects of artistic directives for the Fitted Pro device. In addition, details of internal working mechanisms were inside out during the building of the invention.

The Fitted Pro is a device that will appeal to many hat-wearing enthusiasts. The product with innovative shapes, conceptual colors, and a branding identity appeals to all people who want to shape or even stretch a cap after washing.

The Fitted Pro is fun, fresh, and colorful, which makes it appealing. The form and shape of the artistic directives drive the format of the appliance and tool. Everyone loves baseball caps, and the Fitted Pro, with its roots in the manners of Hip Hop artistry, will show a professional profile to anyone who wants to look great in a ball cap.

"Retail Minneapolis"

Creating a three-dimensional architectural blueprint is designing community and city perspectives. In addition, architectural renderings are a way to propose size and space planning.

Within the Minneapolis, Minnesota community districts, the client wanted to express a foundation for introducing a new food restaurant.

An independent contractor hired Mark Feuring to use a computer and create interior design renderings. The visual illustrations were completed in 3d and depicted chairs, tables, refrigerators, stoves, and kitchen equipment in the allocated space. Mark used an architectural blueprint to create work. Mark and their artist friend also made the business's logo branding identity with hundreds of conceptual artwork images.

3D renderings completed in the foam core imagery style of computer visuals aid the restaurant chain's business proposals. In addition, the black and white space are planning studies made for an easy read in the 3d environment and correlated problem areas of the floor plan.

Federal Foam Technologies -- Airtex Foam

Introduces the "Stuffing Rod"

Airtex foam sells to a consumer user group at Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics. The intention of working with sewing personality Bev White and introducing a stuffing rod tool for the teddy animal stuffed figures would be a creative direction to market and sell foam.

Federal Foam Technologies Airtex division hired Mark Feuring to create colorful packaging and a branding pattern introduced at various trade show exhibits. The stuffing rod package was designed and sold at JoAnn Fabrics.

The company's decision to research how much or how big the package could or should go within the marketplace stores was feasible. The questions arose as follows. First, the package could be significant and contain a teddy animal, a foam in the box, and the stuffing rod. The packaging could include one or two of the three marketing items. Various color schemes and digitized information as Mark Feuring worked as the designer/ graphic artist with a team of professionals at the Airtex headquarters.

We decided on colorful rainbow patterns to offset the animal colors, and this package merchandising is to a vast array of age number individuals. Kids could work with elders, or older children could use the box independently.

It was an excellent direction for the product shelf to introduce the most minor, cost-efficient route with the primary stuffing rod tool. The stuffing tool stuffs foam items in a pillow cavity.

It was great to see the nearby JoAnn fabric stores' launch, where Airtex proudly sells its foam products to consumers. Airtex was a step outside the box to merchandise, market to various user groups, and sell outside their very successful market niche.

St. Louis, MO
Alpha Packaging "Alpha-Bits Newsletter

Alpha Packaging is expanding and growing with plastic bottles and plastic jars sales. The company is showing off many of its product packagings. When the company started developing distribution and manufacturing centers in New York and Utah, the human resources department wanted to upgrade the visual information on their internal company newsletter, "Alpha-Bits."

Mark Feuring got in touch with the department within a manufacturing area of St. Louis, MO. The packaging company has an impressive headquarters and wanted to draw upon the employee base's successful attitude at their established St. Louis office to their workforce. We worked on the "Alpha Bits" newsletter showing perspectives, positions, and how the smiles on everyone's faces showed and granted success at the office, in the manufacturing area, and at company picnics.

The newsletter produced colorful patterns, interesting typography, and significant vocabulary from first-hand accounts from employees. The newsletter presented a new notation on page one from the company's president and owner each addition. A title top logo bar called Alpha-Bits with an inset picture on page one. Fascinating new products in the newsletter's middle sections. We even worked on interesting employee perspectives of what some people did in their off-time.

Mark Feuring composed the pages and layout and handled the printing regiment. We made a list to drive the newsletter with fun, and Mark created a full-page collage from the picnic photos. Mark helped the Human Resource department with the newsletter twice a year for four years.


Graphic Design
Clamshell Clients

To have the product you want to merchandise on the retail shelf with the colors and imagery that project your business is vital to risk and competition. As an artist, I enjoy making colorful schemes and the computer work directed by your wants and needs. In addition, clamshell packaging is tough and durable and a great way to offer your products to the consumers.
Insert artistic cards in visual patterns and bright logos that forecast your products' look and feel. Examples I have worked on are toothpick holders for truck stops out on the road, hand warmers for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, fishing packaging in clamshells, and caulk gun caps for glues and silicone tubes. I have worked on many specs to show examples in meetings of the potential package and imagery for business proposals for startups. I have done various color compositions on the first intuition and graphic design in-depth complex studies.


I enjoy working with my clients on wants and needs from the comfort and advantage of St. Louis, Missouri, to all over the United States and abroad. We have communicated electronically, uploading files, video multimedia streams, and corresponding with 3d printers and manufacturing output production facilities.

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