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I can edit fonts and text, make graphic logo designs in 2d and build prototypes in 3d. I work in my home studio in St. Louis, Missouri.


"It's fantastic you have a new product, package, or logo idea!"

Let's set up a phone meeting.

I'll write a few paragraphs toward a broad solution goal.

Point-of-purchase and consumer needs–What are your adaptive goals

I have Confidential Contracts.

We can set up a video interface network and communicate expectations.

I will compose five concept sketches of 2d - 3d form.

We can, in turn, create a critique.

With directives, you will have a new investment.

 "Sculpture is a critical study of form and shape, and working processes correlate to 3D in the round. We interact and integrate our shapes and forms using our modern appliances and product design tools. For example, Artisans used a long-standing process of shaping clay, wood, and foam to manipulate the lines and corners of building prototype models. Likewise, whittling knives, file rasps, and lathe and carpentry tools like band-saws and scroll saws will create fillets and edges readable and viable to computer input and output devices."

"With modern 3D scanners and computer tools to generate output files and 3D printers to optimize the design process, the primary and most cost-effective idea is to start with a hand-built model. Get an idea, create a napkin sketch, and build and shape in the open air with carving tools. Finally, adding the computer tactic and letting the goal and objective of modern Industrial design shape our wants and needs."

"Ergonomics and Anthropometrics are essential to the design consortium of functionality. In addition, I have copies of the Government measurement manuals, which show detailed dimensions of man, woman, boy, and girl. The dimensions of every limb, finger, and toe are essential to the interface of objects and user groups."


" My name is Mark Feuring, and I am the sole proprietor and design manager of Optic Visuals Studio. I am a 1995 Industrial Design graduate from the University of Kansas. I studied in college for nine years and completed 220 credit hours in art, marketing, education, and computer design courses. I also have a Master in Art Education degree from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, so I am confident in making goal-oriented plans."

"As a freelancer, I can coherently focus time on your business and consumer needs in the marketplace. I can help small business and corporate goals, and give the small independent startup looking for better patent presentations, graphic or logo designs with a short-term agreement."

"In my studies of a coherent design, I have gained restitution of user feasibility and am constructing writings on the topic. I want to show how individual corners on product designs become evaluated forms for function. We can construct our ideas and rationalize schemes with results."


"I will work as a consultant with your team's directions, so add me to the group. I can build inexpensive product prototypes with simple hand and power tools. I can setup output software files for 3D printing machines. I work with Rhino/ Flamingo software, which enables output to CAD software and enables me to make artistic renderings for a presentation."

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